Gtk - Perl module for the Gimp Toolkit library


	use Gtk '-init';
	my $window = new Gtk::Window;
	my $button = new Gtk::Button("Quit");
	$button->signal_connect("clicked", sub {Gtk->main_quit});

The Gtk module allows Perl access to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library. You can find more information about Gtk+ on The Perl binding tries to follow the C interface as much as possible, providing at the same time a fully object oriented interface and Perl-style calling conventions.

You will find the reference documentation for the Gtk module in the Gtk::reference manpage. There is also a cookbook style manual in Gtk::cookbook. The Gtk::objects manpage contains a list of the arguments and signals for each of the classes available in the Gtk, Gnome and related modules. There is also a list of the flags and enumerations along with their possible values.

More information can be found on


Kenneth Albanowski, Paolo Molaro


perl(1), Gtk::reference(3pm)