Para::Frame::CSS - Represents a page CSS configuration




Returns the time of the latest modification of the CSS parameters. It initiates to the time of the start of the server.


  header( \%attrs )
  header( $url )
  header( 'none' )

Draws a css header.

Paths not beginning with / are relative to the site home.

The specieal css 'none' disables the css header.

The style may be given by using Para::Frame::Template::Meta/css or by setting a TT param either for the site or globaly.

The persistant styles will always be used and is a ref to list of URLs.

The alternate can be switched between using the browser, or via javascript, and is a ref to ha hash of stylenames and listrefs holding the URLs. The default points to which of the alternate styles to use if no special one is selected.

The persitant and alternate list items may be coderefs. The code will be run with req as first param. They should return the paths for the stylefiles. Those may be translated as above.

Example: $attrs = { persistent => [ "css/default.css_tt" ], alternate => { light => [ "css/light.css" ], blue => [ sub{"css/blue.css"} ], }, default => 'blue', };