Para::Frame::Client - The client for the Request


This is the part of Para::Frame that lives in the LWP as a Perl Handler.

This package is also used by Para::Frame to send messages to itself, for example from a child to the parent.

The handler takes a lot of information about the request (made by the browser client calling Apache) and sends it to the paraframe daemon through a socket. It waits for the finished response page and gives that page to Apache for sending it back to the browser.

The port for communication with paraframe is taken from the port variable from Apache dir_config. See Apache/SERVER CONFIGURATION INFORMATION.

Example; For using port 7788, put in your .htaccess:

  AddHandler perl-script tt
  PerlHandler Para::Frame::Client
  PerlSetVar port 7788

The dir_config hashref is used by paraframe for reading other variables.

All other dirconfig variables are optional. Here is the list:


The name of the site to use. Useful if you have more than one site on the same host. This is used by Para::Frame::Site.

Set PerlSetVar site ignore to not handling this request in paraframe. This is useful for making Apache use the DirectoryIndex option. And it may be more useful than the SetHandler default-handler config.


The port to use for communication with the paraframe daemon.


A port to use if the server at the first port doesn't answer.


A backup host to use if the paraframe daemon doesn't answer and neither the backup_port. The same path will be used on the backup host. It should be the host name, without path and without http. We will automaticly be redirected to that place.


If all above fail, we will create a fallback page with a link suggesting to go to this site. The link is constructad in the same way as for /backup_redirect.

File uploads

Files will be uploaded in a non-readable directory. The file will be removed at the end of the request. The file will be readable by the user and group of the server. Make sure that the paraframe server is a member of the main group of the webserver. (That may be www-data.)


Jonas Liljegren <>


Para::Frame, Apache