rmadison -- Remotely query the Debian archive database about packages


rmadison [OPTIONS] PACKAGE ...


dak ls queries the Debian archive database ("projectb") and displays which package version is registered per architecture/component/suite. The CGI at provides that service without requiring ssh access to or the mirror on This script, rmadison, is a command line frontend to this CGI.


-a, --architecture=ARCH
only show info for ARCH(s)
-b, --binary-type=TYPE
only show info for binary TYPE
-c, --component=COMPONENT
only show info for COMPONENT(s)
-g, --greaterorequal
show buildd 'dep-wait pkg >= {highest version}' info
-G, --greaterthan
show buildd 'dep-wait pkg >> {highest version}' info
-h, --help
show this help and exit
-s, --suite=SUITE
only show info for this suite
-S, --source-and-binary
show info for the binary children of source pkgs
-t, --time
show projectb snapshot and reload time (not supported by all archives)
-u, --url=URL[,URL...]

use URL for the query. Supported shorthands are debian or qa (the default) bpo ubuntu

See the RMADISON_URL_MAP_ variable below for a method to add new shorthands.

show version and exit
--no-conf, --noconf
don't read the devscripts configuration files

ARCH, COMPONENT and SUITE can be comma (or space) separated lists, e.g. --architecture=m68k,i386


The two configuration files /etc/devscripts.conf and ~/.devscripts are sourced by a shell in that order to set configuration variables. Command line options can be used to override configuration file settings. Environment variable settings are ignored for this purpose. The currently recognised variables are:


Add an entry to the set of shorthand URLs listed above. SHORTHAND should be replaced with the shorthand form to be used to refer to URL.

Multiple shorthand entries may be specified by using multiple RMADISON_URL_MAP_* variables.


dak ls also supports -r, --regex to treat PACKAGE as a regex. Since that can easily DoS the database ("-r ."), this option is not supported by the CGI and rmadison.

dak ls was formerly called madison.

The protocol used by rmadison is fairly simple, the CGI accepts query the parameters a, b, c, g, G, s, S, t, and package. The parameter text is passed to enable plain-text output.


madison-lite(1), dak(1).


rmadison and were written by Christoph Berg <>. dak was written by James Troup <>, Anthony Towns <>, and others.