NAME - Scan file prerequisites


    % *.pm		# Print PREREQ_PM section for *.pm
    % -B *.pm	# Include core modules
    % -V *.pm	# Show autoload/shared/data files

DESCRIPTION is a simple-minded utility that prints out the PREREQ_PM section needed by modules.

If you have CPANPLUS installed, modules that are part of an earlier module's distribution with be denoted with S; modules without a distribution name on CPAN are marked with ?.

Also, if the -B option is specified, module belongs to a perl distribution on CPAN (and thus uninstallable by or are marked with C.

Finally, modules that has loadable shared object files (usually needing a compiler to install) are marked with X; with the -V flag, those files (and all other files found) will be listed before the main output.


Include core modules in the output and the recursive search list.

Verbose mode: Output all files found during the process.


All version numbers are set to 0 in the output, despite explicit use Module VERSION statements.


Module::ScanDeps, CPANPLUS::Backend, PAR


Simon Cozens, for suggesting this script to be written.


Autrijus Tang <>


Copyright 2003 by Autrijus Tang <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.